Whilenatural pearsare getting exhausted, it takes a lot of time and efforts to have one natural Pearl. For instance, we need to take care carefully of Oyster from baby sized few mm and the oysters are ready for “Nucleation” after 3 years of nurturing, cleaning and selecting. Once the nucleation is completed, shell placed in the ocean to grown. Pearls are harvested after 2 years from the time of nucleation.

Although, our engineering wait 5 years for harvesting pearls. Our experts must choose carefully pearls with good at roundness, brightness before doing jewelry. That’s why not all of pearls are able to be used in making jewelry.

By having 20 years’ experience in Pearl industry as well as owningpearl farm in Nha Trang city and Con Dao island, Hoang Gia Company guaranteed that providing Real Pearl with High Quality.