1. Pearl need to put in soft cloth or private jewelry box when is not in use in order to limit all of the possible scratches.

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2. Pearls should be placed under an appropriate lighting and temperature condition. It should be kept in separate box or cabinet to avoid the direct contact with sun-light, any lighting, electrical heating, even when using a hair dryer or steam bath, sauna

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3. Limiting wearing pearls when doing household chores or contacting to cleaning products and other chemicals. In case your pearl already contact to those chemicals, you have to clean the pearls with a soft, damp cloth to avoid losing the nature colour.

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4. You should limit wearing pearls when doing make-up. Avoid your pearls to come in to contact with cosmetic products, perfume, hairspray… It will affect the colour and luster of the pearl in a negative way

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5. Cleaning Pearl after wearing, wipe off with clean water. Then, clean by damp cloth before storing. If pearls are not be used regularly, it should be cleaned with water at least 1 time per year to refresh the living of pearl cell after long time storing.

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6. Maintenance Pearls for 1 time per year at our showroom to ensure the brightness of pearls.

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With 6 above methods, you can be sure that your pearl jewelry will always be in a perfect condition.