Bringging pearl home for a warmly happy Spring – Special reawards

Tet is the time for people to spread meaningful wishes among each others. Offer our beloved warm presents wishing for a lucky, happy new year.
In order to speard this Spring atmosphere along, for our wishes of ‘ Richness – Beauty’ giving to you. Hoang Gia Pearl gladly offers you our beloved customers a special shopping opportunity known as the name ‘ Bringging Pearl Home To Welcome Spring Season’. From January 5th to February 2nd with the total value of awards applied for all customers who come shop at any of Hoang Gia Pearl’s Showrooms.

With all the shopping cards reward which are considerd worth more than 30 million and directly dissolved into your bills, for more details:
– Offer 20 million card when you buy any set of Jewlry belong to ‘ Spring Flower Collection’.
– Offer 10 million card applied for bills which cost about 80 million.
– Offer 2 million card for any of sea pearl products
– Offer 500 thousand card for products which are worth about 1 million
* Especially offer 30 million card applied along with double VIP benefit when you buy the whole set belong to the ‘ Banquet collection’ *
The whole program is both applied for V.I.P and Membership policy. But not applied for exchanging policy and other programs.
Be proud of being the top trademark about producing and consuming pearl oysters in Vietnam. It is always our Hoang Gia Pearl’s main purpose to bring you more products with possibly high quality, luxurious and elegant appearances. Including all the values of art used for describing women’s beauty, intelligence nature.
All Hoang Gia Pearl’s products are only handmade created by a group of experienced artists. As well, plentiful source of pearl oysters carefully chosen from the sea farm in Khanh Hoa.
To carry on that goal, by this occasion Hoang Gia Pearl is showing you our new ‘ Spring Flowers’ collection which is freshly designed based on the idea of passing on luck, happiness and richness. Let’s have a look at some of the art pieces in this collection so you will find yourself a clearer look and appreciate Hoang Gia Pearl’s artists’ masterpieces more. As well as giving more respect to our Hoang Gia Trademark.

Here is a set of Hoang Gia Jewlry named ' Vitality' which is uniquely designed to carry on the meaning of 'Luck' and 'Heyday'.

Here is a set of Hoang Gia Jewlry named ‘ Vitality’ which is uniquely designed to carry on the meaning of ‘Luck’ and ‘Heyday’.

Bo san pham ngoc trai bien S9067

Or this set of jelwry here called ‘ Laurel’ which is created according to the idea of highlighting ‘ Beauty and Intelligence of a mordern woman’ – ” As bright as a mirror and sharp as the light shining from a pearl”.

It does not matter who you are a wealthy business woman , a famous female wellknown to million of people or even when you are only an ordinary houswife. These positions of life have no defination of who you are. We are all great women who manage ourselves well at works, being good wives and mums everyday. We are worth considering ourselves best creation ever of God. Now adays, to arrange yourselves prettier is not only your authority but either considered a duty you must treat yourselves. So by this year is coming up, you my ladies! Let’s slow down your rountine a bit, pay more attention to your appearance, love and treat yourselves better a bit more. Live for your lives then i believe with all that bit by bit improvements everyday. You will make your lives better places to live in.
But do not forget to offer yourselves as well as those beloved to you most wishing gifts from our showrooms which take place all over Vietnam. I make sure you will get best taken care of.

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