Recently, the concept of “Black Friday” has become more and more familiar with women. Although it sounds like the Friday with bad luck at first sight, “Black Friday” is actually the golden day for shopping with the best promotions from several brands on the world.
This year, in order to respond to the Black Friday promotion program of Vincom group, Hoang Gia Pearl firstly launch our own special promotions: BLACK FRIDAY- THE GOLDEN DAY FOR PEARL-SHOPPING, which are:
1. Free pendant when purchasing ring and earrings (in the same set)
2. Free coupons of 500.000 VND when purchasing any products from Hoang Gia Pearl
3. Free coupon of 1.000.000 VND – 10.000.000 VND for further orders
4. To customers owning VIP cards and Member Cards of Hoang Gia Pearl, you can obtain both promotion policy from those cards and the Black Friday program.

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The Black Friday only lasts for 3 days: 27th, 28th, and 29th November 2015. So, hurry up if you want to enjoy this special shopping policy.
For being consulted and served directly, customers should come to official showrooms of Hoang Gia Pearl across the country or feel free to contact through the hotline: 0919 66 22 31 – 0909 66 22 31
You could find the nearest showroom of Hoang Gia Pearl at:
1. In case of customers who cannot come to the showroom, you could easily access to the online shopping policy from Hoang Gia Pearl. We promise to offer the best online-shopping services as free shipping, free changing products cost within 72 hours of receiving products and further special services. Please the detailed instructions at: or contact through hotline: 0919 66 22 31
2. This program cannot be applied in accompany with other product change policies and promotions.

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